Round 6 Race 1 Quotes

Round 6 Race 1 Quotes

03 SEP 2017

Russell, Aitken and Hubert discuss the race

GP3 Series: George, a strange weekend but you’ve got a win, so I guess you’re pretty pleased with how it went?

George Russell: Sure, it’s been an eventful weekend, or an uneventful one, I’m not really sure which word to use! I’m extremely happy to get the win today, although I’m feeling very sorry for Nirei as it’s extremely unfortunate what happened to him. It’s a great result for the team, 1-2-3, and they’ve given us an amazing car all year. I’m really happy to get the win here, and to go to Jerez with a good gap in the championship to try to seal the deal there.

GP3 Series: Monza’s always a great place to race, but it’s also a tough place to defend: how tough was the race today?

George: Oh, it was extremely difficult! No matter how hard I pushed I couldn’t drop a gap to the guys behind me, they’d always stay within a second and get the DRS and catch me a bit, so it was like a yo-yo effect. But we got there in the end, and we got the result we wanted.

GP3 Series: I know everyone is disappointed that we couldn’t have a Race 2, but you must be happy to leave with an extended lead in the championship?

George: Yes, and obviously they would have been starting ahead of me for the reverse grid on Race 2, so in some ways that worked out better: although I do like to race and to get some more points under my belt, I’m not too disappointed!



GP3 Series: Jack, P2 in a tough race today, how was it from inside the car?

Jack Aitken: It was okay: I got a good start and managed to get ahead of Anthoine, but unfortunately the tow was so powerful to turn 4 that he just went straight back past me. I played it cool for the first few laps and drove at my own pace, and then I saw them fighting ahead of me and with the VSC I managed to close up: obviously I had a really good restart and managed to go into the lead but then I started to struggle with understeer while I was fighting with George. I thought I’d be able to keep the pace and get him back with DRS after he passed me, but I really struggled in the low speed and just lost too much time, and then the safety car in the end killed off any chances. It was a decent race, but I’ve got a bit of homework to do: we’ve kept the championship alive and anything can happen in the last 2 rounds, I feel that I’m pretty strong in Jerez and Abu Dhabi, and it’s just a shame that there’s no extra race so we’ve lost another chance to get some more points. But that’s life, and we carry on to Jerez.

GP3 Series: What do you do from here, with only 4 more races and 2 more poles?

Jack: Get 2 poles and 4 wins! [laughs] Obviously in Jerez my goal will be to close the gap as much as possible and apply a bit of pressure for Abu Dhabi, which I think is going to be quite hard on tyres and qualy will be just one lap, which suits my style. I’ve had good results in Jerez and Abu Dhabi in the past, so all I can do is keep my head down, keep working, and see what we can do.

GP3 Series: The team has wrapped up their title once again: does that mean much to you, or are you more focused on your own battle?

Jack: No, I’m really pleased for them. Obviously there is a feeling in some circles that ART are the best and are so much further ahead of everyone else, but they work just as hard or harder than everyone else, and the cars are always changing, the tyres are changing, they’ve had to react to that and they’ve done it the best of anybody: that’s why they get the drivers, and that’s why they’ve won the championships, so good job for them.



GP3 Series: Anthoine, P3 today after some tough battles with your teammates: how was it for you?

Anthoine Hubert: It was a clean battle, and definitely all three enjoyed it: it was nice to get some clean overtakes but unfortunately I finished P3 out of the battle. It’s good points, but on the on the other hand I’m a bit disappointed because my target was to win, I wanted to win, and I’m on the podium again but now I really want to get on the top step.

GP3 Series: It’s tough here because it’s easy to attack but hard to defend: how do you approach a race like that?

Anthoine: Yeah, exactly! It was my first race here so I didn’t know exactly how to get used to it, but it’s good when you’re second because you know you’re going to be able to attack, which I did, but you know that when you’re in first you really need to make a big gap, which I tried to do but with the VSC it was hard! I pushed maybe a bit too much, and in the end I had maybe too much degradation so I couldn’t manage as I should have done, which cost me a better result.

GP3 Series: What can we expect from you in Jerez?

Anthoine: A win! I want a win, also thinking a bit about the championship I think I’m now fourth, so big points of course but first of all I want to show myself, and to be on the top step.