Round 3 post qualifying press conference

Round 3 post qualifying press conference

14 JUL 2017

Thoughts from Russell, Hubert and Fukuzumi

GP3 Series: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the press conference following today’s GP3 qualifying session at Silverstone. Joining us today is poleman George Russell from ART Grand Prix. In second place we have Anthoine Hubert also from ART and finally in third place we have Nirei Fukuzumi from ART as well. George, starting with: congratulations on your second pole in a row and to do it in front of your home fans. You must be feeling pretty good…

George Russell: Yeah, definitely. I’ve always had a good feeling on this circuit. I have a lot of good memories from here. The first time that I’ve ever got to drive a Formula One was here. So, I came here with a lot of confidence and obviously the boost of having your family and friends here today supporting me was great. I’m glad I was able to put on a great show for them. Another great job also for ART with 1, 2, 3.

GP3 Series: With such fine margin between the times in a session like this, what do you put that down to?

George: I had a great session yesterday. I was able to see where I was quick. Coming out of the box, having a lot of experience here helped for practice yesterday. And probably giving a few things away for my teammates to work on, not in a bad way. I expect that coming from Nirei if we go to Suzuka or from Anthoine if we go to Paul Ricard [laughs]. Generally, ART have done a great job, really.

GP3 Series: Tomorrow is another day, it’s race day. Can we expect more of the same?

George: I hope so! Anthoine did a race run in practice. He’s starting from the front row tomorrow so we have a bit of a feeling of how it’s going to be during the race. Unfortunately for me, Anthoine is right next to me. I’m sure he’s going to be quick. Who know? It will be a tough race. The DRS is going to be quite effective I think leading out of Maggots and Beckets leading to the BRDC Building. I don’t really know what to expect. I just prepare as well as I can and get a good start and see what I can do.

GP3 Series: Great job today.

George: Thank you.

GP3 Series: Anthoine, only a tenth at the chequered flag between you and your teammate. Are you happy with your job today?

Anthoine Hubert: Yes I am quite happy about today’s quali. It was not easy for me at the Red Bull Ring last week: I had an issue during free practice and I was not really able what I could do in quali. Since the beginning of the season, I’ve done many quickest laps during the race. It’s good now to show in quali what I can do in those conditions. One tenth is quite a lot, but also not so much. I’m a bit disappointed to miss this pole position but I’m looking forward for the race tomorrow. As George said we made some race simulations yesterday so hopefully that will help pus.

GP3 Series: You got to kick Jack Aitken off the top 3 on his home track.

Anthoine: Yes, that’s really goo to push the Brit from the podium in quali [Laughs]. But he will be quick also tomorrow so…

GP3 Series: What do you think the tyre degradation is going to be tomorrow?

George: Confidential!

Anthoine: [laughs] I don’t really know. Yesterday, we did a race simulation, but the grip was different then. Since then, we ran, the F1 and the F2 cars did too. It hard to say honestly. We will see. We will try to manage the tyres the best we can.

GP3 Series: Can you stop George?

Anthoine: I think I can. He is under a lot of pressure for his home race. I know I can make really good starts. We’ll try to stop him and to beat him [laughs].

GP3 Series: Good job today. Nirei what can you do tomorrow?

Nirei Fukuzumi: I really thought I could get P1 in qualifying today, but I’m happy with being in the top 3 in qualifying. It’s a huge step from qualifying here last year. I was struggling a lot on this circuit. I’m quite disappointed though with this result today.

George: You just said that you were happy with tit!

Nirei: yeah.

George: So you’re happy and you’re disappointed?


Nirei: I have a bit of regrets about today. I have to focus on tomorrow. I hope I can win. I think it’s possible from P3.

GP3 Series: P1 today would have been good, but P1 tomorrow would be better. Can you beat these guys?

Nirei: I will do my best for sure. I want to thank ART, Honda and my sponsors.