2017 Round 4 Race 2 Quotes

2017 Round 4 Race 2 Quotes

30 JUL 2017

Thoughts from Alesi, Tveter and Jörg

GP3 Series: Giuliano, congratulations on your second win. How was your race for you today?

Giuliano Alesi: The race was filled with positive emotions because at the start both of my teammates went wide and I managed to take the lead. After that I managed to keep it until the chequered flag. I made a few mistakes here and there, but I still managed to stay ahead. I’m really happy. A big thank you to the team: they set up the car with their heart and with love. I’m so happy that their hard work shows in today’s results.

GP3 Series: You said you made a few mistakes. Were you worried at any points?

Giuliano: I ran wide at Turn 4 after the first Virtual Safety Car. I thought then that Ryan would pass me then, but that’s when I realised I had built a big gap to him so it was not going to happen. I relaxed a bit and kept on doing my job. I knew I was faster. I’m happy.

GP3 Series: Next stop is Spa. It is a completely different track. What can we expect from you there?

Giuliano: I expect to do my best in qualifying to try and use the maximum of what I have. And then, from there, hopefully score big points and keep on going like we have for the past few rounds. It will be important to keep the momentum.


GP3 Series: Ryan, P2 today. It’s your first podium finish in GP3. How does that feel?

Ryan Tveter: It feels great! I had a really good start but unfortunately I locked up into the first corner and Giuliano was able to take the inside and get a good run into turn 2. I slotted into P2 after that. After that we were able to check out from the rest of the field and managed the VSC period and restart. The pace was really good so a massive result for the team to finish 1-2-3-4. Also to take my first podium in GP3. It’s also 1-2 for KFC Pertamina. A massive thank you to Ricardo Gelael and all the guys at KFC and Pertamina for supporting me and Giuliano to make this result. I’m heading to summer break with a great feeling.

GP3 Series: It seems like you get more and more comfortable in this car, improving with each round…

Ryan: Well at the beginning of the season, in Barcelona, I had never driven there before the pre-season tests. So Round 1 was always going to be my weekend race. From Red Bull Ring to Silverstone, we were very competitive. Unfortunately, we had a failure with the engine in the race in Silverstone put an end to getting a good result there. We came here this weekend with a good feeling with the car. I feel confident. I didn’t have the best qualifying with the red flag, but I knew the pace was there. I was able to manage race 1 well and take the reverse grid pole. It was actually my first time starting from pole position so I’m really happy and excited for that. I made a good start and yeah…Overall happy to come home with a KFC 1-2.


GP3 Series: Kevin, P3. It’s also a first podium finish for you. Happy?

Kevin Jörg: Yeah I’m really happy. We had a really good weekend. I keep on improving this season. I finally managed to get a podium in GP3. That’s fantastic really!

GP3 Series: How was your race today?

Kevin: At the start, Giuliano managed to pass Ryan and me in the first corner. After that, I had a good pace and I could follow Giuliano and Ryan. In the opening laps, Lorandi was quite quick behind me, putting pressure. But he got a problem and from then on, I had a good race. I managed the tyres and had no issue until the chequered flag.

GP3 Series: Now we will have a bit of a break before Spa-Francorchamps. What will be your objective in Belgium?

Kevin: I hope to keep improving, especially in qualifying and then I hope to finish the first race in the top 8 again. Hopefully, in the top 5. And then, anything can happen really in Race 2.